Why Co-Mediate?

In co-mediation sessions, the clients get a double benefit through their access to two different skill sets brought by Rob and Jenna.  As an attorney, Jenna addresses the legal, logistical, and analytical aspects of conflict; as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Rob hones in on the relational and trauma-based aspects of people in dispute.  This offers to all clients a much richer experience in the crafting of legitimate and personally meaningful resolutions.  

As the facilitators, Rob and Jenna promote discussion and negotiation that allows the conflicting participants the opportunity to exchange divergent views, ask questions, discuss difficult topics and find solutions.  As co-mediators, they assume the role of neutral, third-party observers, assisting the participants to explore and find mutually acceptable solutions.  What generally results is the creation of a sound, mutually-acceptable agreement to address the parties’ particular circumstances.

While Jenna is an attorney, and Rob a consulting psychotherapist, we do not represent mediation clients as an attorney, nor offer clinical explanations that underlie any disagreement.  During the family mediation process, Jenna will share legal information but is precluded by ethical rules to give legal advice.  Rob, through his years of experience working with conflict circumstances provides insightful direction in getting at the core of the areas of dispute.

Rob Brownson, LMHC

Though Rob has worked in state hospitals, prisons and crisis units, his work has been community-based since 2005.  Rob is broadly known in both my professional and personal circles as an agent of challenge to the status quo.  Rob routinely affects change for the broader community.

Dually licensed as a Mental Health Counselor and a Rehabilitation Therapist in Massachusetts, Rob uses his skill set to empower clients of all types.  Rob is a member of both the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health and the Association of Multicultural Counseling and Development.  Rob routinely participates in the International Counseling Interest Network.

Additionally, Rob has begun specialized training in holistic health care.  His focus is on Whole Health and Nutrition and the integration of these principles to mental health care.

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