Jenna Brownson, Esq.
        Mediator & Attorney

Each matter is so much more than a person in need of help.  Each time Jenna serves her clients as a mediator, Guardian ad Litem, Parenting Cooridnator or attorney, she is cognizant of the opportunity for Jenna's path and a clients' paths to intersect, if only briefly.  Together, Jenna works with her clients to reach the goals of the clients and serve the interests of the family, especially when children are involved.  Conflicts can be mediated and remedies can be negotiated. 

Formally known as Attorney Jenna Brownson, she is known to nearly all of her clients as "Jenna."  Being on a first name basis with her clients is important. This established familiarity helps to ensure a cooperative effort.Taking a holistic approach, Jenna is prepared to aid each client not only in addressing the presenting legal issue but also in helping the client through referrals to other professionals.

Holistic Law Group
Jenna has been in private practice with the Holistic Law Group since 2008.  She enjoys working with all types of diverse clients. 

Mediator:  Jenna has a passion for mediation and alternative dispute resolution, ADR.  Being present with people who are motivated to come to their own solutions is a privilege Jenna honors.  Jenna is a trained in divorce/custody, civil, and elder/adult children mediation.  With hundreds of hours in the "classroom" and hundreds of hours in the session room, Jenna is skilled in helping to guide clients to their own livable solutions.

Guardian ad Litem:  Jenna also serves the Probate and Family Courts of Middlesex and Worcester Counties as a Guardian ad Litem in cases involving divorcing/litigating parents to make recommendations as to "best interest" of the children.  Jenna also serves the Probate and Family Court of Middlesex in divorce cases where the defendant has been deemed incompetent by the court and in need of a Guardian ad Litem to ensure a fair and reasonable outcome for the defendant.

Parenting Coordinator:  After parents have decided to separate or divorce, a very real issue can be open communication between them regarding their children.  Sometimes there is a history of domestic violence; sometimes there is a history of allegations of abuse or neglect of the children.  More often, the parents simply cannot speak to one another without anger, frustration, or contempt.  In an effort to keep the parents out of court, my divorce attorneys include in the language of the court-approved divorce agreement the assignment of a parenting coordinator.  Jenna works with parents as an impartial intermediary to resolve disputes so that parents can avoid the cost and time commitment of going back to court.

Attorney:  Jenna represents a limited number of clients in court-based cases, usually people with complex custody matters or people with mental health issues who seek her knowledge of mental health law to aid them through court-involved matters.  Additionally, Jenna volunteers with the Lowell District Court serving as a Conciliator in the civil session. 


Prior to Law School
Jenna did not enter into the practice of law directly from her undergraduate studies.  After finishing at Purdue University, Jenna worked as a telephone case screener of child abuse and neglect reports in Massachusetts.  
Jenna proudly served in the United States Peace Corps in Latvia from 1996 to 1998.  She taught English as a Foreign Language in a small town on the coast of the Baltic Sea.
Upon returning to the States, Jenna worked as a supervisor of Guardian ad Litem volunteers with the CASA Program.  Thereafter, Jenna worked as an investigator of child abuse and neglect for the Department of Social Services (now known as the Department of Children and Families).
After Graduation from Law School
Jenna served the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by serving as a law clerk to the Justices of the Massachusetts Superior Court.  Her clerkship sites were in Lowell, Lawrence, and Worcester.
Upon completion of her clerkship, Jenna accepted the position of staff attorney with the Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS).  During her time with CPCS, Jenna worked as a public defender at the Lowell District Court.  
Since her resignation with CPCS, Jenna has been in private practice with the Holistic Law Group.

The Massacusetts School of Law awarded Jenna her Juris Doctorate in 2005.  She finished first in her class graduating magna cum laude.  
Jenna earned a Bachelor of Arts from Purdue University.  She majored in Philosophy and triple-minored in Law & Society, Women's Studies, and Political Science.

Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation                       
Massachusetts Association of Guardians ad Litem
Massachusetts Bar Association
New Hampshire Bar Association
Greater Lowell Bar Association

Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2005                          
State of New Hampshire in 2006
U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts in 2007