Facilitating Client-Created Solutions
"You can be in control of your life." 

This is what I tell my clients and what I believe to be true.
No one is more skilled in making thoughtful and proper decisions about your life than you.

Imagine how empowered you can feel when you make a choice about your life,
rather than a stranger in a long black robe.

Mediation honors your autonomy.  Mediation welcomes your insights.  Mediation respects your decisions.

My role as a your 
mediator is to facilitate your client-lead negotiations and
if needed, to draft your client-focused agreement.
Peacemaking can prevail.  Civility can be found in the law.
Holistic Law approaches legal issues and crises from a different angle, one of thoughtfulness and compassion.

Our American justice system is an adversarial one; one based on fighting.  Every legal case includes two letters in its title:  "vs." which is short for "versus."  "Versus" comes from the Latin word "vertere," which translates to English as "change, overthrow, destroy."    
Holistic Lawyering rejects the idea that in order to come to a good result, someone needs to be changed, overthrown, or destroyed.  Instead, the Holistic Lawyer takes a critical look at the client's strengths and issues and works with the client to draw a client-focused solutions.

Holistic Law Group

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